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Malware is an abbreviation for Malicious Software and malware has been around for many years.

A malware infection is simply a small computer program (app) which typically attempts to gather personal data such as bank account details, credit card details, PayPal account details, passwords etc. Malware often monitors user actions such as keyboard input and then transmits this data to criminals.

We can Remove Viruses and Kill Malware

We can Backup Data from your Hard Drive and then fully Reinstall Windows

We Can Transplant your Old Hard Drive into an External USB Caddy

We can upgrade your hard drive and transfer your data


Anti Malware Software

Many anti virus programs claim to be able to detect and remove malware. However; we have found that even the best are not as reliable as dedicated anti malware programs. There are numerous brands of anti malware software.

As with free anti virus software; free anti malware software (in our opinion) tends to be less than effective than paid for anti malware software. eg; we often remove computer malware from computers which have free anti malware software installed. We believe that free anti malware software is a false economy which can have catastrophic - expensive results.

In our experience, possibly the best anti malware programs are "Malwarebytes" anti-malware and "Hitman Pro" anti-malware (we are very wary of "Spyhunter" anti-malware).


The 1st course of action is always to delete any malware infections.

We typically remove the computer hard drive and connect to a dedicated machine which is running the best anti malware software and we perform a full scan - malware removal.

We then backup the customers files (which will also have been disinfected) and rescan them.

During this process, wed routinely service the computer (clean connections, remove dusts and fluff from the fan and air intakes, exhaust ports etc.

If all signs of the malware are removed and the customer is happy for us to do so; we will test for and resolve internet issues (eg; Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox could be configured to auto access a malware infected website - to re-infect the computer).

If performing a reinstall; we delete all existing partitions (to completely erase the hard drive) and perform a full Windows reinstallation. This returns the computer software to "as new" - "out of the box" state and guarantees that the computer is virus free. We then transfer the customers files back to the computer and usually install quality anti virus software.

Finally we download and install Windows updates (please note; this can take 24 hours).

We also retain backup copies of the customers files for at least 30 days.

However; if we have performed a full reinstall, the customer will need to reinstall any programs which he or she installed, but in most cases the computer will be significantly quicker.

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About Computer Scams

There are currently many scams "doing the rounds". In some cases, the scum operating these scams try to con people into downloading software which then infects their computer in a bid to obtain peoples Bank account details, credit card details etc.

Microsoft Telephone Scam

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