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Fast Laptop Password Removal, Computer Password Removal

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We have helped many people with legitimate reasons for removing a computer password. The most common is that the owner has simply forgotten the computer password. In other cases, there may be health or age related issues. We can usually help.

There are a number of different types of computer password. These include a BIOS password and a Windows password. Again; we can usually help.

In the vast majority of cases, will be able to simply remove the current Windows password without affecting any data on the computer hard disk drive (reset the Windows password).

However; if the Windows password cannot be reset, we offer a Computer Data Recovery Service.

n either case, the customer will receive a working computer. However our computer password recovery service - computer password reset service success rate exceeds 90% with a  better than 24hr" turnaround time.

However; please be aware that Computer Password Removal programs are available which can damage the file structure on a computer hard disk drive. If the file structure has been damaged, the computer data may not be retrievable (it may have been overwritten).

If the computer password loss is due to a virus infection, we can usually delete the virus and then remove the password.  This allows the owner to boot into Windows without using a Windows Computer Password.

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