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There are many good reasons why someone may have a legitimate reason for wanting to hack into a computer system.

A&A Computer Repair have previously provided ethical hacking - confidential hacking for people who thought that their partners were cheating, we provide hacking services for people seeking grounds for divorce or fighting a divorce.

eg; Hacking for Divorce Evidence - Cheating Partners


Please note; we provide hacking services only when the client is entitled to access data.

In many cases, we will simply give the client the tools to access files and search for evidence etc. Eg, we may access a computer hard drive, clone the hard drive, install the new hard drive into the computer (or into a similar model) and "Crack the Computer Passwords). This means that the third party wiull not know that their account has been compromised.


Our ethical and confidential hacking services include Computer Data Retrieval - Data Recovery,

 in that we can Hack into USB Flash Drives, we can hack into laptop Hard Disk Drives, we can Hack into External Laptop Drives, we can hack into PC Hard Disk Drives, we can Hack into External PC Hard Drives.

This is a completely confidential computer hacking service and in many cases we are asked to provide retreived material to solicitors for presentation at court (in Windows compatible file format and usually on CD, DVD and / or USB Flash drive).


Laptop Password Removal, PC Password Removal

Computer Password Removal

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