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Based in Wellington, Telford, A&A Computers offer Fast, low cost computer repair from qualified, highly experienced skilled computer engineers serving Albrighton.

A&A - Albrighton Computer Repair perform all laptop and PC repairs. We can replace and - or upgrade faulty hard disk drives to SSD (usually without losing photos, documents and other data), we repair or replace faulty motherboards, we replace smashed laptop screens, faulty keyboards and faulty power supplies.

We also remove computer viruses in Albrighton (we routinely virus check customers documents, photos etc and back them up to our secure server) but we never look at customers photos or documents unless the customer specifically asks us to do so. Customer backups are destroyed - removed after 30days.

The A&A Computers Albrighton customer relationship is absolutely confidential. We (unlike some other companies) do not view customers photos and documents and (despite being Microsoft partners and Dell Partners) we do not inspect for licences etc.

We consider the A&A Albrighton Computer Repair - Customer relationship to effectively be a Albrighton computer doctor - Albrighton computer patient relationship and as such, your data remains absolutely safe and absolutely confidential.

We offer;

Fast Albrighton Computer Repair - No fix = No Fee

Fast Albrighton Computer Repair

Low Cost Albrighton Computer Repair

28yrs Experience

100% Record


Albrighton Data Recovery 

Albrighton Data Recovery

Your Private Data Remains Private

We Never View Private Photos, Letters etc


Albrighton Faulty Computer Collection

Simply call us on

01952 793050


A&A Albrighton Computer Repair Reinstall Windows

A&A Albrighton Computer Repair Remove Viruses and Kill Malware

A&A Albrighton Computer Repair can Backup Data from your Hard Drive and then fully Reinstall Windows

A&A Albrighton Computer Repair can Transplant your Old Hard Drive into an External USB Caddy

A&A Albrighton Computer Repair replace faulty power supplies

A&A Albrighton Computer Repair replace noisy fans

A&A Albrighton Computer Repair diagnose and replace faulty components

+ Much More

Simply call us on with details of the Faulty Computer (make, model and version of Windows installed) + details of the Computer problem.

A&A Computer Repairs can usually advise on the problem over the phone.

If we need to see the faulty computer, A&A Computer Repairs can repair the PC or repair the laptop at the address in Albrighton, or A&A Computer Repairs can collect the PC or laptop from the address in Albrighton or the client can deliver the system to us in Telford.

Most computer repairs (PC Repairs or Laptop Repairs) are completed within 24 to 48 hours.

Acer Computer Installation Repair in Albrighton 

Acer Computer Repair in Telford

(Albrighton Acer Computer Repair)

Apple Albrighton Computer Repair 

Apple Shropshire Computer Repair

Telford iMac and MacBook Repair

(Serving Albrighton)

Asus Computer Installation Repair in Albrighton 

Asus Computer Repair in Telford

(Albrighton Asus Computer Repair)


Compaq Computer Installation Repair in Albrighton 

Compaq Computer Repair in Telford

(Albrighton Compaq Computer Repair) 


Dell Computer Installation Repair in Albrighton 

Dell Computer Repair in Telford

(Albrighton Dell Computer Repair)


Fujitsu Computer Installation Repair in Albrighton 

Fujitsu Computer Repair in Telford

(Albrighton Fujitsu Computer Repair)


Albrighton Games Computer Repair

Shropshire Gaming Computer Repair

Telford Gaming Computer Repair

(Serving Albrighton)


HP Computer Installation Repair in Albrighton 

HP Computer Repair in Telford

(Albrighton HP Computer Repair)


Lenovo Computer Installation Repair in Albrighton 

Lenovo Computer Repair in Telford

(Albrighton Lenevo Computer Repair)


Medion Computer Installation Repair in Albrighton 

Medion Computer Repair in Telford

(Albrighton Medion Computer Repair)


Packard Bell Albrighton Computer Repair 

Packard Bell Telford Computer Repair

(Albrighton PB Computer Repair)


Samsung Computer Installation Repair in Albrighton 

Samsung Computer Repair in Telford

(Albrighton Samsung Computer Repair)


Sony Computer Installation Repair in Albrighton 

Sony Vaio Computer Repair in Telford

(Albrighton Sony Computer Repair)


Toshiba Laptop Installation Repair in Albrighton 

Toshiba Laptop Repair in Telford

(Albrighton Toshiba Computer Repair)


Zoostorm Computer Installation Repair in Albrighton 

Zoostorm Computer Repair in Telford

(Albrighton Zoostorm Computer Repair) 

Albrighton Laptop, PC and Tablet Windows 10 Upgrades and Fix

Albrighton Windows 10 Upgrades and Repairs


Albrighton Windows 10 Upgrades

We Fault-Find Windows 10

We Repair Windows 10

We Fix Failed Windows 10 Upgrades

A&A Telford Computer Repairs Reviews

Telford Computer Repair Reviews


Contact A&A Computer Repair Albrighton

Albrighton Computer Virus Repair

Phone Albrighton Computer Repair Landline

01952 793050

Text A&A Shropshire Computer Repair Mobile & Text

07564 992501

Email Albrighton Computer Repair

Email us;

57 Orleton Lane

Wellington, Telford, Shropshire

TF1 2AA.

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