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Computer viruses have been around for many years and are basically just small computer programs (apps) which modify other programs or data on your computer.

The earliest virus which I (Kevin) personally have seen was built into the Commodore Amiga computer Batman game.

Later viruses caused letters to drop to the bottom of the screen in early word processing programs and one (written by Microsoft staff) even allowed users to play a video game if they typed an particular insulting message about Bill Gates into certain Microsoft programs.

In many cases, people wrote viruses to try and showcase their programming talents with a view to gaining contracts with companies such as Microsoft.

However; todays computer viruses tend to be far more malicious and often rely on Trojan Horse techniques; hence the term "Trojan virus".

Computer viruses often infect computers because people click on the wrong thing when online or they open an infected email; this will often install the virus or open a "back door" security loophole for a virus to infect the computer system (these loopholes are one reason behind Microsoft Updates); Microsoft seeks to close loopholes as and when they are discovered.

Modern viruses can block internet access, delete startup files on the hard drive (the computer will not start), delete documents, rename files, erase the hard drive etc, etc. Many viruses can also search for other computers, tablets, mobile phones etc over a network and attempt to infect them (this is how the Wannacry Ransomware Virus infections attacked National Heath Service computers in 2017).

Most modern computer viruses will try to protect themselves and some can even create a hidden partition on the hard drive and copy itself onto the new partition. If the user reinstalls Windows without also deleting the hidden partition, the virus can simply reinstall itself onto the new Windows installation.

Please also note; computer viruses are now targeting tablet computers, mobile phones, ipads etc.

UK Anti Virus Installation and Support

There are many different brands of anti virus software.

Free anti Virus software (in our opinion) tends to be far less effective than paid for anti virus software. eg; we often remove computer viruses from computers which have AVG, Microsoft or Virgin Media anti virus software installed. We consider free anti virus software to be a false economy which can have catastrophic results.

Paid for anti virus software tends to be far more effective. However at the time of writing (January 2016), we find that Norton Anti Virus, Kaspersky and McAfee give the best protection (they seem to find and remove the most viruses) but Norton tends to be overly intrusive (it can block emails, slow the computer etc). For these reasons, we tend to recommend Kaspersky. Please note that Barclays Bank also recommend Kaspersky Anti Virus and at the time of writing, they give free Kaspersky licences to Barclays Bank customers.

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The first course of action is always to delete any virus infections.

We typically remove the computer hard drive and connect to a dedicated machine which is running the best anti virus and anti malware software and we perform a full scan - virus removal.

We then backup the customers files (which will also have been disinfected) and rescan them. Please note; we do not view customers files.

During this process, wed routinely service the computer (clean connections, remove dusts and fluff from the fan and air intakes, exhaust ports etc.

Our preference regarding viruses is usually to perform a full reinstallation. However; if all signs of the virus are removed and the customer is happy for us to do so; we will test for and resolve internet issues (eg; Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox could be configured to auto access an infected website - to re-infect the computer) and perform Windows updates.

If performing a reinstall; we delete all existing partitions (to completely erase the hard drive) and perform a full Windows reinstallation. This returns the computer software to "as new" - "out of the box" state and guarantees that the computer is virus free. We then transfer the customers files back to the computer and usually install quality anti virus software.

Finally we download and install Windows updates (please note; this can take 24 hours).

We also retain backup copies of the customers files for at least 30 days.

However; the customer will need to reinstall any programs which he or she installed, but in most cases the computer will be significantly quicker.


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We are based in Wellington, Telford.


About Genuine Anti Virus Software

There are always pros and cons to Anti Virus software. Below is an honest overview of the major Anti Virus programs. Opinions expressed are personal opinions, but based on many years of extensive experience.

AVG Free Anti Virus was very popular. However; we tend to see numerous computers each week which have the free version of AVG Anti Virus installed, but which are still infected with viruses. The paid for version of AVG seems to be much better.

Kaspersky Anti Virus and Internet Security are excellent. We have used Kaspersky on our systems for numerous years without issues (it protects against, finds and kills viruses which other Anti Virus SW misses - and it does not slow computers down to the same extent as other Anti Virus SW).

Note; Not currently recommended for Government bodies or serving members of the Police, Armed forces etc.

McAfee Anti Virus is reasonably good, but also tends to slow the PC (but not as much as Norton). Additionally, we have seen many infected computers which have McAfee installed.

Microsoft - Windows Defender is free Anti Virus which is built into Microsoft Windows 8 and Windows 10. A&A Computers have found and removed viruses on many computers which relied on Windows Defender, or a combination of Windows Defender and low quality or free anti virus software. Under no circumstances should PCs, Laptops, Tablets or Servers rely solely on Microsoft Windows Defender if the computer is connected to a network or to the internet (many modern viruses are downloaded from the internet, they infect a computer and then search the network for other items which they can infect).

Microsoft - Security Essentials is free Anti Virus which is built into Microsoft Windows Vista and Windows 7. A&A Computers have found and removed viruses on many computers which relied on Windows Security Essentials, or a combination of Windows Security Essentials and poor or free anti virus software. Computers should never rely solely on Microsoft Windows Security Essentials if the computer is connected to a network or to the internet.

Norton Anti Virus is very good, but also tends to slow the PC (particularly Norton 360).

Virgin Anti Virus; On April 14th 2010, we removed 238 viruses from a PC which was using Virgin Media Security. We have since seen many more severely infected computers which were running Virgin Anti Virus - Security software.

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