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(Laptop Power Socket Repair)

A&A Computer Repair are highly experienced, qualified computer engineers replace damaged or faulty laptop power sockets - laptop power connectors.

Faulty laptop power sockets - laptop power connectors are probably the most common reason for laptops being written off.

The reason for this is that most laptop repair engineers would rather not tackle stripping the laptop, removing  the motherboard, de-soldering the laptop power socket  (laptop power port) and then soldering a new laptop power socket onto the motherboard (with the very real risk of damaging the new laptop power socket or damaging components on the motherboard). Therefore, most computer engineers tend to send the laptop to specialist repair centers and pass on the cost to the customer. In many cases, this means that the laptop is Beyond Economical Repair.

A&A Computer Repairs are pleased to offer a laptop power socket repair service (also referred to as laptop power socket repair, laptop power port repair or  laptop power jack repair),

Laptop Power Port Diagnosis

Simply connect the power adapter to the laptop and gently move the power lead in the laptop power socket from side to side and up - down. If it feels overly loose, it is probably faulty - the laptop power socket will need to be replaced.

If the power works when the power lead is inserted at a particular angle; the laptop power socket will need to be replaced ASAP to avoid any possibility of motherboard component damage. eg; if the power socket "shorts out", it can be possible for power to be routed incorrectly. This can cause component damage and the motherboard may need to be replaced. In many cases the cost of anew motherboard would be more than the value of the laptop.

Laptop Power Port Repair

Simply order the laptop power socket repair service below and send us the faulty laptop (with power supply). Carriage is approximately £10 per laptop.

We will test the laptop, we will disassemble the laptop and remove the motherboard, we will clean the internal connections. We will clean the laptop fan and replace the faulty laptop power socket (faulty laptop power connector - faulty laptop power port).

We will then fully soak test the laptop computer (usually for 24 hours) before returning the repaired laptop by courier.

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Power Socket Repair Does Not Apply to Apple Products

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