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Office computer recycling, Office laptop recycling

Office PC Recycling with Data Destruction

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Company Laptop Recycling with Data Destruction

Company Laptop Recycling with Data Retrieval

Office Computer Recycling and Data Destruction

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Many companies use an office file server. A file server is basically a repository which should consist of a processing unit (computer) and a set of hard disks configured to share data over the disks (using RAID - preferably RAID 5) which can be accessed (read from and written to) by computers within the office.

Unfortunately, things are rarely simple.

Approx 19 years Kevin designed a network for MDBA (Ministry of Defence and British Aerospace). At that time, they were experiencing numerous security issues in that they were running 2 networks simultaneously - a secure (top secret) network and a standard (office) network.

Some computers were connected to both networks, and they discovered that people were downloading files from the top secret network and inadvertently saving them on the office network (where they could be accessed by unauthorised personnel - my design resolved the problem).

Today, it is very common in many offices for staff to download confidential files from the server and save them on a PC or laptop. If those files are not completely erased when the PC or laptop is replaced, they can be recovered and accessed (deleting a file does not erase it from the hard disk drive.

A&A Computers Telford are pleased to offer an office computer recycling facility.

We never view office computer users files. However, we can check files for viruses, malware and spyware (without opening the folders). We can permanently delete files, save files, destroy hard drives, save data from hard drives and / or completely destroy hard drives.

We never sell computers.

When an office computer is sent to us for recycing, we remove the hard disk drive. We then run a series of tests to determine whether the office computer components are serviceable. Faulty or non-reusable computer components are removed and recycled.

Some usable components (such as screens, CPUs etc) are stored but will probably never be used. Other components (such as memory) may be supplied to clients at no or very little cost.

All items which contain data are either returned or destroyed (at the clients discretion)

If a hard drive is destroyed, we supply certification.

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