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Shrewsbury Home computer Repair

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Shrewsbury Home Computer Repair

Salop Laptop Power Socket Repair

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Shrewsbury Laptop Power Socket Repair

Shrewsbury Laptop Cooling Fan Repair

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Shrewsbury Laptop Overheating Repair

 SSD - Hard Disk Drive Upgrades Shrewsbury

(SSD = Solid State Drive)

SSD installation Shrewsbury


Laptop and PC Data Removal in Shrewsbury

In the vast majority of cases, A&A Computer Repairs are able to retrieve customers data such as photos, documents and even music and video from failed computers. We remove the hard disk drive and fit it to another computer, we kill any viruses and then copy the data to the 2nd machine. Only then do we start working on the faulty computer. Because the data has been backed up - it is safe.

Additionally; our background includes working on MOD contracts etc where discretion is of paramount importance. Therefore; we never view files, documents, folders etc.

If a computer is Beyond Economical Repair, A&A Computer Repairs can usually save your data to DVDs, USB drive or to a different computer. A&A Computer Repairs can then completely destroy all data on the faulty hard drive

Private Data Removal

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