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Windows Updates are provided as a free service by Microsoft to address bugs and other issues within Microsoft Windows.

A&A Telford Computer Repair offer a Computer Update repair service. The easiest problem to resolve with Windows 10 updates is the annoying message to upgrade (even if the computer is not capable of upgrading to Windows 10 or if a previous Windows 10 upgrade has failed).

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Windows Update Failures are fairly common. But the main problem with Windows updates is that they can take a long time (even with the best broadband connections) and some Windows update failures can render a computer unusable.

Eg; at the time of writing; a Windows Update which should upgrade Windows Dotnet services, fails on many Windows Vista systems which have been reinstalled and also fails on some Windows 7 computers. On many Windows Vista systems, the solution is often to install Vista SP 1 before the DotNet Windows Update.

There is also currently an issue with some Windows 7 computers performing Windows updates, rebooting but not being able to access Windows. The computer then reports that a problem occurred and it is reverting back to a time before the update. However; it cannot revert back - the computer is then unusable and if restored it will automatically perform the same Windows update and encounter the same problem..

Please note; if you try to resolve this by restoring your computer, you will usually lose all data on your hard drive.

The solution is to remove your hard drive. Attach the hard drive to a dedicated computer and use premium software to scan the drive for viruses, malware etc. Copy the documents to the computer. Reinstall the hard drive in the faulty laptop or PC. Perform a full reinstallation. Force the computer to install all Windows updates until the system is completely up to date (no Windows updates are available) whilst noting which Windows Updates are installed. If no problems occurred, copy the documents back from the dedicated computer and test the system.

If the computer fails, perform a reinstall but do not perform all Windows Updates (only install the Windows Updates which are known to work). Copy the files back from the dedicated computer and turn off Windows updates and turn off Windows Update notifications.

A&A Telford Computer Repair obviously perform the above Windows Update service. Cost is typically between 35 and 45. The process takes approximately 24 hours (to do correctly).

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